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Services and resources offered to the youth and young adults in Washtenaw County.




Community Mental Health seeks to improve quality of life and increase personal fulfillment for all of our community members, particularly during challenging times, including crisis, and for those that may be dealing with ongoing conditions. Service information and crisis services and supports are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays. To Receive Services, call Access at (734) 544-3050 at any time.

Ozone House helps young people lead safe, healthy, and productive lives through intensive intervention and prevention services. We serve young people and their families who are facing homelessness and home instability in Washtenaw County. Their crisis line is available 24/7 for supportive conversations and making connections to services both at Ozone and in the community. Call: (734) 662-2222.


The Corner Health team of Board-Certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, nutritionists and health educators are experts in providing care to teens and young adults. They will partner with you to meet your needs. So whether you need a physical for sports, birth control, or counseling, the Corner is here for you! Call: (734) 484-3600.

Family Crisis Center helps individuals and families experiencing a life crisis such as grief/loss, suicide prevention, domestic violence, sexual assault and anger management.
(734) 660-7059.
The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. What drives so many individuals to take their own lives? To those not in the grips of suicidal depression and despair, it's difficult to understand what drives so many individuals to take their own lives. But a suicidal person is in so much pain that he or she can see no other option. Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape suffering that has become unbearable. Blinded by feelings of self-loathing, hopelessness, and isolation, a suicidal person can't see any way of finding relief except through death. But despite their desire for the pain to stop, most suicidal people are deeply conflicted about ending their own lives. They wish there was an alternative to suicide, but they just can't see one.

Additional Facts About Suicide in the US
  • The annual age-adjusted suicide rate is 13.26 per 100,000 individuals.
  • Men die by suicide 3.5x more often than women.
  • On average, there are 121 suicides per day.
  • White males accounted for 7 of 10 suicides in 2015.
  • Firearms account for almost 50% of all suicides.
  • The rate of suicide is highest in middle age - white men in particular.

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